Im a southern girl, crazy at times, with a good heart and a bad temper;) Im a stay at home mom, wifey and kinda a black sheep. I like the simple life. I like watching my kids catch fireflies, running naked thru the field, canning summers bounty, swimming in the lake or creek, talking about nothing in particular with my friends, having debates with my friends, laughing till i cannot breathe, my husband finishing my thought (radar love bebe) Driving to nowhere in particular, singing gospel along with the radio at the top of my lungs, quilting, hooping, finding my inner peace (now where did i put that) writing blogs and ranting online. Things i dislike are probally too many to list. I also like Betty Page, pinups, and tattoos, i like to read anything from the writings of Aristotle to the raunchy pages of historical romance, come on Fabio! I love music, bluegrass, punk rock, metal, old country, classical, The Fixtures, Slayer, The teeny floppers, the Doors, Freakwater, OCMS, Bonerama, Rebirth Brass Band, NIN, Johnny Winters, Muddy Waters, Flogging Molly, Bob Marley, Mudcrutch,The red aunts. I practice witchcraft, bitchcraft and good oldfashioned common sense craft. I am Mary quite contrary.


Night moves. Just a little hooping.

Its been a rough few weeks.  Daddy was injured badly in an ATV accident and was in SICU for nearly two weeks.  He is still hospitalized, thankfully moving some and breathing without ventilation now.  Im a tired and disconnected soul atm, tired is an understatement.  I want to be home, yet am going crazy, I need sleep for a week.